Virtual Field Trip Sites

Here is a collection of resources for

Virtual Field Trips... the resources are casually organized

into these groups:

Live Journeys, Virtual Tours, Interactive Environments,

Travelogue, eMuseums, Building or Place Tours, Map-Based Visits,

Read-Along Visits, Museum Lists, WebCams, Images to Use, Teacher Tools




Global Trek - Virtual World Travel for Students

Virtual Garden Tour

Cartoon Strip Visit to de Young Museum (San Francisco)

Interactive Trip to the Jungle (viewpoints of the forest)

Read Along Trip (links and story) example: Oregon Trail

Mr. Roger's Picture Picture Visit to Factories


Virtual Tours - Live Journeys

Iditarod 2005

Travel Around the World with a Sailboat

World of Wonders - World Tour

Local Art and Architecture


Collection of Virtual Tours...

Virtual Tour of the Space Shuttle Columbia

Explore Titanic

Tour the International Space Station

Tour a German U Boat

Virtual Tour of the Sun (high level)

Virtual Cave Tours (Lechuigilla Cave - some ads here)

Virtual Tour of the South Pole

Virtual Tour of the Ocean Planet (Museum Exhibit)

National Geographic Xpeditions Hall

Virtual Safari - Okavango (National Geographic)

Virtual Forest (National Geographic)

Tour Easter Island and try Moving the Moai

More from Nova (mostly middle school and up)

Virtual Farms

The Story of Milk

Historical Farming

Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Center Exhibit


Interactive Environments (not quite field trips)


Yellowstone National Park - Interactivities



Minnesota Orchestra European Tour


eMuseums (more below)

Virtual Smithsonian


Tour Buildings or Places

The Great Kiva

The Great Wall of China

The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel

The White House kids) (historical tour)

The US Capitol Tour

US Supreme Court Tour


Mount Vernon

Historical Sturbridge Village (1830's America)

Historical Plimoth ( 1620 America)

Virtual Gettysburg

Ancient Maya Sites

Taj Mahal

Explore Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Virtual Reality Tours of Rome, Naples and Pisa

Virtual Longhouse

Greatest Places


Map-Based Clickable "Visits"

Hiking and Biking Trail Maps

Historical Philadelphia - Constitutional Walking Tour

Glacier National Park

South Pole


Read and Click - Read Along Visits

Virtual Inca Trail

Virtual Hiking Trail - Big Bend Texas



List of Museums: (some fieldtrips, mostly just sites)




FishEye Cam

Shark (Aquarium) Cam

Ant Cam

Penguin Cam (NY Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium)

Hummingbird Cam (and others - Costa Rica)

Salmon Egg Hatchery

Panda Cam

Insect Zoo (Iowa)

Monterey Bay Aquarium Cams

LIVE Eclipse Cams

Metro Area Cams


Images to Use to Make your Own

Geography Images (including panoramas)

Farmers' Roles (Videos)

How Things are Made


Teacher Tools




Permission form for Virtual Field Trip

Sample Lesson Plan (Civil War Battle Fields)

Virtual Tour Evaluation Tool

Virtual Field Trip Guidelines (Walter Mackinzie)

Rubric Maker - Rubistar

Assessment Generator

Microsoft Office Templates

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