If you want your students to use the great sites you find you need to get them to the sites with a minimum of typing… you can add a folder of favorites or bookmarks to your browser, you can create a simple webpage or you can easily use your word processor to create a simple “clickable” hotlist.

Here are instructions for making a simple hotlist for your students to use.

Create a Hotlist

(see a sample)

If you want to make an electronic document that allows kids to click directly to sites you have handpicked, you can make a Hotlist of links you know contain resources to facilitate student learning.

In WORD (or many other word processors):
1. First, go to your Start Menu and select “New Office Document”.
2. Select the “Blank Document” that has the Word logo (it’s the default) and click OK.
3. On your Word document, type a keyword that refers to a site you want kids to visit. (ie. Game)
4. Click and drag to HIGHLIGHT that word. (Or Double click the word)
5. Click the icon that looks like a globe with 2 links from a chain on it.
(If you don’t see that, go to your Insert Menu and it’s the bottom choice named, “Hyperlink”).
6. Click the button for WebPage.
7. Browse the WWW to find a site you want to accompany that keyword.
8. After finding your preferred site, go back to your Word document (in the task bar called Document 1).
9. Now that link you found is in the URL box for the Link.
10. Click OK.
11. The selected word on your Word doc has turned blue and is underlined. That signifies it’s a hotlink to the WWW.
12. If you are making a Hotlist, you are finished with your first link.
13. If you can paste a piece of clipart you may highlight it and then follow
steps 5 – 10 and now if a student clicks on the picture it will create a link to
the site.

This document can live on your desktop, on a class webpage, in your file on the
server, on the intranet, you can email it to kids/staff, etc. The links are HOT
as long as it is in the electronic form.

See A Sample Hotlist Here!

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